The Lapis Software Associates company mission is to develop high quality software products and services in industries where we have a technology edge.


Lapis supplies its clients with a wide range of technology consulting services, with an emphasis on high performance, mission critical, distributed applications. 

Lapis is one of the leading software organizations for Gaming Technology, particularly On-Line Lottery systems. Our Associates have been involved in the development or deployment of many of the Lottery systems operating in the world today.

With the explosive growth of the Internet, Lapis has also translated its experience with mission critical on-line systems to the challenges of providing that same level of performance and reliability to Internet and E-Commerce applications. Our extensive knowledge of high performance and high availability techniques gives us the proven ability to deliver superior solutions.

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At Lapis, we approach Information Technology consulting as a professional engineering discipline. We cut through the hype surrounding the IT industry to deliver state of the art software solutions that are reliable, maintainable, and tailored to our clients business requirements. Lapis constantly evaluates commercial and technology trends in order to provide our clients with accurate information, sound advice, and high quality development services. We don’t claim to have magic solutions. What we do have is a constantly updated arsenal of techniques that have been proven in the real world.

We pride ourselves on our business as well as engineering expertise. We understand that Information Technology needs to be applied in careful alignment with business strategy. We attempt to understand our client’s technology requirements in terms of their overall commercial objectives, and designing solutions targeted at complimenting those objectives. And if it isn’t broken, we won’t fix it.

We have one driving principle: ensuring maximum return on our clients’ consulting investment. Our Associates have a proven track record of delivering mission critical systems. On time and on budget, in environments where failure is not an option. All over the world.




At Lapis, our growth has been based on providing our clients with a superior level of service. We feel strongly that our reputation for quality is due in no small part to our company culture. The company provides a relaxed work environment that is based on mutual respect and excellence. We value individuality, creative problem solving, enthusiasm and teamwork.

Our high standards for excellence mean that our associates have superior skills in application development. We understand that our associates want to grow, and we actively encourage them to develop and expand their skills.