The first lottery-specialized retail scorecard benchmarking system launched


Lapis Software Associates, LLC announced today that its lottery sales force automation software, gemIntelligence™, will be enhanced with a new software application called gemScore™, that can be used by lotteries to create, implement and report on retail performance using an “intelligent” score card system. The new application is part of the growing suite of capabilities of gemIntelligence™.

“Helping lotteries improve retail performance is at the heart of our focus, and being able to quickly and flexibly use real time performance scorecards to rate retail locations across a wide range of criteria is an exciting new capability”, said Jean Lombard, CEO of Lapis Software Associates. “gemScore makes a lot of sense because lotteries can now use a flexible retail benchmarking toolset just like the major retail chains.”

Benchmarking is a standard practice in the retail industry from Consumer Packaged Goods companies and major retail chains to small, independent stores that often use national statistics to evaluate their own performance. Common to all is the use of retail performance criteria and factors, against which stores are regularly rated and then ranked. These scorecard rankings help lottery sales reps and store managers focus on specific areas for improvement. Since all lottery locations can be rated against the same criteria, store managers can better understand the level of merchandising, inventory management and service levels their peers are achieving.

“Working closely with our lottery clients, we see many opportunities for innovation. Our gemIntelligence platform is really well suited to support continued customization and continually adapt to the best practices and business rules of each lottery”, said Adam Shapiro, gemIntelligence Chief Solution Architect. “With gemScore, they will be able to achieve their specific priorities in terms of proactively benchmarking and managing retail performance.”

gemIntelligence provides lotteries and their retailers with a full suite of office and mobile software applications. By combining powerful, easy to use sales force automation applications with a flexible and customizable platform, lotteries can quickly turn their retail performance best practices into automated solutions. With Lapis’s innovative “Always-On Architecture”, lotteries can take advantage of real time information and full visibility anywhere, anytime from any mobile/web device.




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