Lapis Announces New Lottery Application Suite

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Lapis Software Associates, LLC announced today a new software application suite for the lottery industry that is intended to improve information management, communication and support for retailers and lottery field sales representatives.gemIntelligence™ is a suite of web and mobile applications that will allow lotteries to improve their service to retailers, and make it easier for field sales representatives and lottery employees to provide effective support.

Todays’ lotteries are highly distributed operations and are dependent on the retail execution and service delivery of its independent retail agents. At the same time, the retail outlets that sell lottery products are becoming more sophisticated and reliant on accurate and up to date information to maximize profits. Both increasingly demand improved retail situational intelligence to effectively focus support, service and to increase performance.

gemIntelligence offers lotteries and their retail enterprise a more intelligent and more flexible approach to maximize retail intelligence; with a suite of office and mobile software applications for retailers and the lottery employees who support them. The integrated and real time information capabilities of the gemIntelligence platform mean retailers and lottery sales and support representatives can quickly and easily access information needed for better decisions. With the accelerating availability of more powerful and lower cost mobile devices and tablets, lotteries now have greater choice and flexibility for field sales automation devices. As retail data management continues to migrate toward an “on-line/real time” environment,gemIntelligence offers lotteries and their retailers a robust suite of capabilities that can easily be customized and personalized. These advantages increase flexibility while significantly lowering IT costs typically associated with current legacy sales force automation solutions and end point devices for use in the field.

“As IT professionals who have been serving the global lottery industry for over 20 years, we saw the emerging demand for more flexible and lower cost tools to support lottery retailers and the lottery employees that serve them, said Jean Lombard, President of Lapis Software Associates. gemIntelligence will make life easier for retailers and the lottery reps because it combines a retail portal customized for direct access by retailers, and tools for lottery employees to improve the delivery and consumption of the same information wherever and whenever lottery reps need it.”

gemIntelligence offers a new approach compared to retailer information systems and sales force automation solutions based on legacy platforms. Many of these solutions require laptop computers, installation of software and regular downloads. In addition to a substantial upfront investment, customizing and supporting legacy software can be time consuming and costly. Traditionally, providing direct access for retailers to their retail information and back office information have been separate functions, with varying degrees of integration with lottery back office data. gemIntelligence solves these challenges.

gemIntelligence was built specifically for lottery retailers and the lottery employees who support them. With the increasing importance of real time visibility into sales, inventories and other retailer service and support items to maximize revenues, lottery retailers and employees require more flexibility and capabilities. gemIntelligence provides an integrated and comprehensive platform that ensures retailers and lottery employees have direct and immediate access to the information they need. With this new “intelligence architecture”, and a true, web-based design, lotteries can take advantage of the increasing cellular and internet coverage with higher performance bandwidth. Lotteries can also meet emerging retail support requirements as retailers continue to migrate to web and mobile applications for real time sales and inventory management. At the same time, as prices for mobile computing platforms like tablets continues to fall and capabilities increase, lotteries can now consider a wider range of more convenient and cost effective devices to make the job of supporting retailers easier and the service delivery better.

“Our goal is to provide lotteries and their retailers with a more integrated and lower total cost approach to retail intelligence; from a lower up front price and faster, lower cost support and customization to a flexible, cost-effective operating environment, said Adam Shapiro, ChiefgemIntelligence Architect. With lotteries focused on increasing sales revenues but also improving retailer profitability and quality of service, we think this is a great time for an innovative new approach to improving service to retailers and lowering costs.”

gemIntelligence is the latest module in the gemEnterprise™ suite of software applications that are specialized for the lottery industry; gemBackOffice™ for integrated back office operations; gemTrust™ providing reliable internal control systems; and other specialized applications such as gemView™, a lottery executive and management decision dashboard.

About Lapis

Since 1994, Lapis has provided the global lottery industry with a wide range of information technology products and services spanning point of sale device software, communications, gaming transaction systems, back-office software solutions, mobile applications and other automation solutions. Lapis’s solutions and services support some of the largest lottery operations, supporting billions of dollars worldwide, while giving clients a trusted partner for innovations that work in the unique environments of regulated gaming.


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